Monday, October 23, 2006

rly fun

I sometimes worry that the decision to move to the U.K. was a mistake. I took the kids away from easy access to their grandparents and extended family. But, once in a while, the children have an experience that would be hard to duplicate elsewhere. Right now, my eldest son is on a student exchange in France, living with a family in the south of the country for a week. We worried how he would handle days alone with a strange family, speaking a language he barely understands. Yesterday, I got a text message:

"I went huntin. It was rly fun."

"What were you hunting?" I replied. "And did you kill one?"

"4 pheasants and partridges. I didn't kil. any but they (chris+his dad) got 3 pheasants + 1 partridge."

I'm sure trooping around the French countryside killing birds is improving his French...