Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Great city

I had today and yesterday off. Spent it doing nothing in particular. Took a walk today with Theresa and two dogs -- Dude and Bran, a friend's dog (half the size of Dude and twice the energy). We walked in Ruislip Lido, a wooded area just 15-minute drive north of us. London is unlike most U.S. cities in that you don't have to go far and suddenly you're really in the country -- muddy, dreary and chilly country, granted, but still. We walked through the fields, just north of the forest. It came with it's own herd of cows, who seemed very used to dogs. They all turned to face us as we approached and just looked, calmly, while the dogs leapt about at a safe distance. Our brave canine friends ran off yelping if the cows so much as moved one of their ears.