Saturday, April 30, 2005

DIY hell

We're coming up to two years in the first home we've ever owned (we were renters for the first 15 years or so of our marriage). Our first project was to strip, sand and stain the upstairs floor. It was semi-successful. It looks OK, anyway. Sort of rustic.

The next stage was to redo the floor in the upstairs bathroom, hopefully with something a little more permanent. The previous owners had covered over the floor with some cheap, stick-on vinyl and it looked terrible. Worse, when we peeled it back we could see that the shower has been leaking for years and the floorboards were rotten. This went beyond our skills and we had to call in a workman to replace the floor and put in the tiles. Theresa chose grey slate, since we couldn't afford to replace fixtures just yet.

The "before" photo:


The Oh-My-God-What-Have-We-Done stage:


And a couple of shots of the finished product:



Not so bad. What next?