Tuesday, August 23, 2005

August garden tour

I was working from home today and I thought I'd grab a few last shots of the garden in summer. Autumn in the U.K. isn't like in Boston, where the weather tends to stay try enough to enjoy the colour of the leaves. Here, it tends to rain even more often than normal, knocking the leaves off as soon as they change.

On the plus side, it'll stay mild well through October, so I can't complain. OK, yes I can.

The grapevine produced its first crop, after a couple of years of just taking up space.

We finally got the knack of growing tomatoes. We grew this year's batch in a container outside our kitchen window, well out of the reach of our dog and slugs.

I still can't identify a single one of the flowers. This is, um, a blue one. With a bee.

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