Monday, October 17, 2005

The Blogspot Problem

Splogspot in the Splogosphere: "I love Google. I love Blogger. What I don't love is how Google hasn't done anything about the Blogspot problem."
I'm obviously a Blogspot user, but I'm feeling more and more embarrassed to be one. Spam blogs, or splogs as some call it, are poisoning the web. I gave up on trackbacks in the last few months because I couldn't keep up with the bogus links to gambling, pharma and sex sites. Now it's even affecting comments in this dusty, dark corner of the blogosphere. My wife and kids are seeing it on their sites as well, and they have even fewer regular readers.

The only thing that has ever stopped spammers is having to spend money. Perhaps Google should bring back Blogger Pro, give it a new domain and leave the free domain as a sandbox -- something to play with while you get the hang of blogging.

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