Friday, June 17, 2005

I'm Translucent

And not just because I spend 12 hours a day in an office and don't get any sun. Apparently, I'm part of the Translucent Generation.

If you can get past the silliness and hyperbole, there's some interesting ideas in this essay:
The translucent generation is made up of those whose values, beliefs, and ideals have been shaped by their dynamic use of the Internet. There are lots of twenty year olds today who use the Internet daily, and a few who have used it since they were old enough to read. Of those even fewer are power users; the web logging, Usenet posting, wiki editing, IRC chatting types. And of those power users, very few were engaged in these activities during their formative years. Those elite few share a unique value set that will revolutionize the world. And because these values spread virally, the size of this generation will continue to grow exponentially.