Thursday, June 09, 2005

Wait or not?

It has been three days since Apple's announcement that it is switching to Intel processors and I'm still not sure whether I'm going to wait until I buy a new Mac. I'm leaning toward making the jump to a G5 iMac around Christmas time, even though it's going to be a "legacy" platform.

My reasoning is that a main PC's life is about two or three years (after that I put Linux on it and it moves to a backroom somewhere). By the time I'm ready for a new one, Apple will have sorted out most of the early glitches in its move to a new processor and I'll have had given my wife and kids (total Mac newbies) a couple of years to learn their way around.

Dan Gillmor says he would have waited:

A big question is whether sales of current Macs will drop off. I would not have purchased my month-old Powerbook, for example, had I known this was in the works. I would have added some memory and used the machine for another year, waiting for the sub-notebook machine I (and lots of other people) would prefer to use.

But would you really want to be an early tester of Apple's first foray on Intel?

[Update: David Rogers says he'll also probably buy a G5 iMac and isn't worried about the move to Intel. "As long as they aren't required to display that cheesy "intel inside" logo, I'll be happy," he writes. "If they do, I'll be strongly inclined to fly to Cupertino and personally kick Steve Jobs' ass."]

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