Sunday, June 19, 2005

Snapshot of a Hot Fathers Day

I'm typing this while sitting out in the garden. It's hot -- about 32C (over 90F). We can't go anywhere far because Theresa is working, so the kids are finding ways to cope. Aidan and Cara played a bit of basketball with a sprinkler going in the middle.

I'm having a nice quiet father's day. It would be better if Theresa were here. She's doing her seventh straight day at work, but then she'll get several days off in a row (I hope).

Ailish skipped the sprinkler and is reading as I speak, in a shady corner:

Ailish on a hot day

Shana's playing with a homemade bow and arrow, which fortunately doesn't shoot far:


And the dog is doing what dogs do, sleeping:

Finding shade