Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Londonist: London Hurts?

The reaction of Londoners to the bombing last week, especially over the next few weeks, may surprise Americans watching on Fox News. There won't be much of any reaction at all. In fact, Londoners are a bit amused by the Americans' outpouring of sympathy online. Here's a typical post, on the Londonist:
This is a good time to remind some of our overseas readers that we are not reeling from what we consider to be our own September 11th despite all the 7/7 branding. The IRA quite frankly were much better at doing this sort of thing and we pushed on through that campaign just like we pushed on past Thursday. It was a tragedy, but so was the Omagh bombing which is remembered without a 15/8 (or 8/15 if you like) tag. A large part of Manchester was flattened by an IRA bomb back in 1996 (3300lb of explosives used there), there was the Brighton bombing in 1984 and of course our own nail bomber in '99.
This post is here, the whole blog is also worth a look, here.

To be fair, the (implied) swipe at American schmaltz overlooks that last week's attacks in London thankfully claimed only about a tenth of the lives lost in 9/11. But the British have faced similar atrocities before, with similar poise. Tens of thousands lost their lives in the blitz and the Omagh bombers almost certaintly reaped an even greater toll in terms of the town's population size. Londoners aren't reeling.

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