Saturday, July 23, 2005

A Rainy Saturday Afternoon

Consulting the rules, originally uploaded by Eamonn_Sullivan.

Theresa's working and it's gray outside, a bit drizzly. The children are occupying themselves with what seems to be this generation's version of Dungeons and Dragons -- a game called Warhammer. The rules are essentially infinitely complex. Each move involves dice, a ruler and consultations with a large guidebook. The two boys are even attending some classes on the game on Sunday afternoons.

I never had the patience for D&D, though in other ways I was just the type for the game. Lots of my friends played it. The controversy around it, with some people believing it was the devil's work, only made it even more attractive. All I know is that the children aren't usually bickering when playing it, and it's something that the two boys can do together instead of fighting. That's about as far from a work of the devil as you can get in this household.

Rolling the die
Shana takes a turn.

Saturday afternoon
Anything that can get Shana and Liam playing on the same side for short periods of time is OK in my book.

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