Sunday, July 03, 2005

Run away!

Run away!
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We took Dude for a walk this evening at Ruislip Lido, which has its own herd of cows. Unfortunately for Dude, these cows have absolutely no fear of dogs. Nor do they fear people. One of them licked my back. I guess she wanted to know if I tasted like grass.

At one point I threw Dude's ball before we knew that there was a herd coming around the corner. You can just see the orange blob in the distance, under the cow. She's daring Dude to take it. We beat a hasty retreat.

The ground tonight was alive with millions of these tiny little toads, smaller than a cricket. Here's one about to leap off of Cara's wrist:

little toad4

And with all of the excitement, Dude needed a cooling dip in a nearby pond:

Dude takes a dip