Friday, July 01, 2005

Oh, no...

Spamming is a problem everywhere, not just in e-mail. The new trend is to spam search engines like Google by using fake Web sites that link to your own, creating the impression that your site is popular. Free blogging sites such as this one are becoming irresistable to the scumbags.
Justin Baeder explores the world of Blogspot Spam Blogs:
I’ve been cruising the Blogspot world lately looking for cool stuff that the bigger geeklogs might have missed (and I found some cool knitting sites [1, 2] as a result last time I did this). What I’ve found, though, is that a large percentage (maybe up to a third) of all Blogspot blogs are spam-logs - sites created to increase the Google ranking of some other site (which is itself usually a Google-spamming site). The ultimate purpose of these spamlogs is usually to drive traffic to a commission-paying pharmacy, pr0n, or casino site.
Google, listen up! I would be quite happy to prove I'm a human every time I post if it makes it easier to stop this practice. And you should change your user agreement to specifically prohibit it.